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ANIMALIA Jeansの中でも人気の高い"JEANS RUSTIX #003"は履き心地とシルエットを追求したサルエルタイプ・バナナシルエットのジーンズです。日本デニム発祥の地「岡山県児島」産のストレッチデニムを使い児島で縫製まで手掛ける本格的な作りで、バックポケットに施されたギミックや大胆なフロントプリントは他のジーンズとは一線を画すANIMALIAらしい遊び心満載の一本です。

[ANIMALIA x DOLL Collaboration Jeans]

2020 Autumn & Winter Collection Styling


2020 Summer Collection Styling

2020 Spring Collection Styling


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- About Us -

ANIMALIA is a clothing brand desinged by KAT$UO, a vocal of Japanese fork band THE CHERRY COKE$.​

Luxury, having clothes given to only human although we're a member of the animalia.​

Appreciation for the Time, Experiences, All of life spent on making clothes, and we aim to manufacture products used through your life.​

All our items are produced in Japan.
Jeans are made in Kojima in Okayama pref. is famous as a jeans production area in the world.​

From Japan to the World.

- Concept - 



今尚冷めることの無い"OLD WEST"への憧れをグラフィックデザインと造形ワークに落とし込み、情熱が生み出す新しくも男心を擽るノスタルジックなアイテムを表現。




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